Composite hose manufacturer Dantec trebles growth in marine sector

Merseyside based composite hose manufacturer Dantec is reporting a trebling of sales in the marine sector over the last 12 months.Moreton based Dantec manufactures composite hoses for the petrochemical industry.A mat with a rough parquet flooring surface area makes it possible for you to rub most off the dust and dirt off your footwear right before you walk in the doorway. Managing director John Laidlaw said marine sales are being driven by the ’ship to ship’ and ’ship to shore’ market which see Dantec’s hoses used for the transfer of oil, chemicals and LPG between ships or between ships and terminals.

He said contracts with firms including Norwegian based Odfjell, one of the biggest chemical tanker operators in the world, and UK based Safe STS have helped Dantec secure a sizeable share of the global market for ship to ship composite hoses.When you are pondering about attempting to keep your hardwood flooring thoroughly clean, remember that a vacuum can make an immense variation.”Our big areas for focus in the marine sector going forward are firstly to make contact with more ship management companies in the ship to ship market showing why our products provide outstanding value,” he said.The installation instructions are included in every package of engineered flooring so you can easily install it yourself. “In addition to that we are determined to win more of the ship to shore market from terminal operators. We presently have a small percentage of this market globally but see massive potential for growth.”

Mr Laidlaw said Dantec can help shipping companies and tank terminal operators by offering the highest standards of safety and durability.”Dantec is committed to engineering excellence,” he said.If you really wish to include these into the existing business architecture, you can opt for financing available from online Thermal printer OEMsuppliers. “That is how we have built our reputation since founding in 1969.One of the most attractive features of this laminate flooring is that you can install it on just about any type of surface. This means we can give customers much better value for money as well as the highest standards of safety in a hazardous environment.

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