‘Torch Gang’ hits ATMs with lightning-quick heists

Armed with a blowtorch in a backpack, two masked men have been blasting into ATMs across Ontario and Quebec for over a year, stealing more than $1 million in cash.The Torch Gang, as they have become known by police, are professional, organized and can pull off ATM heists in 60 seconds, police say.They’ve managed to avoid arrest since cutting open their first ATM on July 15, 2011, using an oxyacetylene torch.”They’re fast, they’re methodical, they know exactly what to do,” said Staff Sgt. Kal Ghadban, the officer in charge of the Ottawa police break-and-enter unit. “They’re in and out within a minute or two.During your xinjiang travel, it is also possible for you to plan alone or take in your friends and family. You can also ask for an English-speaking China travel guide to assist you along the way.”

Police say the duo is responsible for more than 100 ATM break-ins in both Quebec and Ontario, including 14 in Ottawa.On Sunday, the suspects returned to the nation’s capital where they hit two different stand-alone ATMs.The suspects failed to get money from the first, but managed to steal cash from a second.Wearing balaclavas, gloves and dark clothing,Most of the all in one touch pos terminal come with augmented functions. Never consider these systems as a calculator. they’re suspected of torching ATMs in Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Cambridge, Quebec City,The Barcode Scanner retrieve coded pricing information using a laser beam for various items. and the Montreal and Toronto areas.

The suspects usually target businesses from Thursday to Sunday in the late evening or early morning,Make sure the computer you are trying to print from has an active network connection and is connected to the same wireless network as the Barcode Printer. police said.Ottawa police are working with other law enforcement agencies in Ontario and Quebec to track down the gang.”It’s a high priority for us. People are losing a lot of money,” Ghadban said. “The fact that it’s happening so frequently is frustrating for us.To scan a document using a Bench Top Scanner, the user must hold the device in his or her hand and aim the scanning side at the item.”But even with a $25,000 reward offered by the Halton Police Service ¡ª they have investigated 12 ATM heists ¡ª police agencies are no closer to finding the torching duo.

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