Maxwell Hardwood Flooring Earns $24,000 Energy Efficiency Rebate

At the January Monticello Economic Development Commission Board Meeting, Entergy Arkansas presented Maxwell Hardwood Flooring with a rebate check in the amount of $24,044 for energy efficiency improvements implemented at the plant last year. Maxwell thanked Entergy for making the program available and easy to implement.Give the kids plastic spoons or plastic shovels and have them dig for Simulation dinosaur.Purchase a dinosaur excavation kit that allows kids to chip away at pretend rocks to get to the dinosaur bones. He said it was a “no brainer” for them to take advantage of what was available. They hope to implement other energy-saving initiatives in the future.

Representatives from Maxwell Flooring met with Entergy and CLEAResult early last year to discuss ways to save on their electric bill. The rebate was a result of lighting improvements recommended by CLEAResult, the energy efficiency partner that manages Entergy Arkansas’s commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs. These kits come with a very authentic looking Dinosaur skeleton replica and all the tools your little paleontologist will need to unearth it. There are several different dinosaur fossils to choose.The interior of the Tank Truck Hose fitting is made of rubber and is surrounded with multiple layers of woven wire and rubber.

“If you have even had a thought about making improvements to your home or business that would save energy, I encouraged you to call us,” said Tandee White, customer service manager for Entergy Arkansas.It is also covered with the surface layer and also containing Thermal printer OEM or more minor sheets of tough materials like- amino plastic and melamine. “We have programs that fit almost every need ¨C residential, commercial, industrial, city,These effects would be combined with full-scale models created by Stan Winston and his team. A mold was taken of these full-scale Animatronic dinosaur, which was then placed over a robotic model of the dinosaur. school, etc. Our partners for these programs help make it easy to manage and calculate your savings. The key is to call before you make the change. In some cases, to award rebates, they need to collect data before improvements are made.”

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