Students get familiar with real-life robots in Shrewsbury

From robots that clean your house to those that scour war zones for potential threats, the robots made by Bedford-based company iRobot have surprising capabilities.Local students had the opportunity Sunday to test-drive some of these robots at a free program hosted by iRobot program manager Paul Balutis at the Khel Creativity Club in Shrewsbury.Creativity Club Founder Reddy Vatti said the organization teaches students from elementary school to high school about the sciences and robotics, and also offers recreational activities like chess.The Flight Simulator is the preferred application for Industrial robot. It ensures to give real life experience which is so pure and true.Setting up a Point of sale system OEM will allow any individual to send documents to a single location without any USB or ethernet cables required.

Balutis introduced a robot that has become a household name in cleaning tools ¨C the Roomba vacuum.Although Roomba was created for “dull and dirty missions,” Balutis told guests at Sunday’s program that it has a number of components that are also featured in 300-pound robots used by law enforcement and the military for dangerous missions.”Robots do things people don’t want to,” he said.We use Robot system to carry out work in outer space where man can not survive and we use robotic arms to do work in the medical field such as conducting experiments without exposing the researcher. Because of the growth of technology in the toy industry, these amazing interactive Artificial animal provide youngsters a lot of fun.

Balutis,None of them really come close to the range of Dinosaur skeleton replica that are presently available. A few of these superb toys are massive enough for kids to sit on, and include some really incredible interactive features included. a Shrewsbury resident, explained how some of his company’s robots have been used and gave students insight into new developments such as self-driving utility vehicles and robots with stereovision.After the 2011 tsunami in Japan, an iRobot robot called Warrior was sent to the devastated area to climb into nuclear reactors and give operators a look at what was going on inside, Balutis

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