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City Continues with Outlet Mall Plans

The City of Woodstock has a long road ahead of them before they could be seeing a 365,000-square-foot mall on the north side of Main Street. Right now, they are concentrating on altering that road instead of worrying about a competing outlet mall only 10 miles across town or even the possibility of not having funding to complete existing outlined projects.“So what we’ve asked for is for them to take that $700,000 out of a Woodstock SPLOST project for the Arnold Mill bypass and help us expedite getting Ridgewalk Parkway improved,” Peppers said.

Both Woodstock and Ridgewalk parkways that run perpendicular to each other are set to be relocated, but the focus at the moment is on $700,000 for Ridgewalk Parkway. The Ridgewalk project is $2.77 million, with $2.7 million coming from the current SPLOST for road infrastructure projects, said Billy Peppers, director of Economic Development. Even if the outlet mall isn’t built, the road relocation will still cost $2.7 million.Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary shirt is a real treasure, for a limited time.

City Manager Jeff Moon will go before the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners for a second time this afternoon to ask to move around Woodstock SPLOST money to help with the $700,000.Peppers said the city had a $3 million SPLOST project later on down the road to connect Ridgewalk Parkway to Arnold Mill Road called the Arnold Mill Bypass. Peppers said they don’t know if they would even be able to move forward with that project because the proposed road is on the Army Corps of Engineer land and at this point, they are not allowing the county to move forward with ball fields in the area.

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