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Mattek-Sands has a Lady Gaga moment

Mattek-Sands has a Lady Gaga moment

Bethanie Mattek-Sands is the self-proclaimed Lady Gaga of the women’s tour. She wears tube socks and black under-eye patches; she likes to make her own fashion statements.It doesn’t hurt the comparison that Alex Noble, who creates many of the flashy costumes that Gaga wears, has recently provided some wardrobe get-ups for Mattek-Sands.When Mattek-Sands walked on court to play her first-round match at Wimbledon on Wednesday, she topped off her regular tennis apparel with a funky Noble number.

The white jacket had a cowgirl feel with long fringes on the front and back. The jacket sleeves were where the tennis theme took hold: They were adorned with white tennis balls in keeping with Wimbledon’s all-white rule. Each sleeve had 12 balls attached. There was a round circle of the balls just below the shoulder and a single row of balls going down the sleeves.

Mattek-Sands smiled while assuring Pam Whytcross, the Grand Slam Supervisor, that she would be taking the jacket off before playing. “I’m not hitting a ball in it, so don’t worry,” Mattek-Sands told Whytcross, who replied, “I’m never worried, you know that.”She removed the jacket for what’s called in these parts the “knock up” — that’s warm-up in the United States.”Well, geez, it’s really not proper tennis attire, but she could certainly walk out in it, there’s no problem with that,” Whytcross said. “It was quite creative.”

The 28-year-old has put an early marriage to fellow player Ashley Harkleroad behind him and now has a happy family life with girlfriend, Luana, and their 18-month-old son, Maddox. His month-and-a-half suspension in 2005 for failing to file paperwork for his asthma medication is now out of his mind, and he’s fully recovered from a 2008 surgical procedure on his left wrist.Things started to go well for Bogomolov when he upset Andy Murray in the second round of the Miami tournament in March. He arrived at Wimbledon having reached the quarterfinals at the UNICEF Open in the Netherlands the previous week.