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Summer Days, Cloudy Skies by Aderonke Williams Adeosun

Summer Days, Cloudy Skies by Aderonke Williams Adeosun

The traffic on Ajose was murder. She left the office at 5pm on the dot and even though she knew that was the peak of rush hour she felt she had a head start. An hour later and she’d barely moved 10 feet past her office. She was frustrated. She turned on the radio but the noise from the radio advert jingles didn’t help to ease the tension she felt selling shoes. This was not going well at all, she looked at the time on her dash board 18:15 and she was still heading to Oju Olobun.

She had let the driver go today because she was meeting up with Dipo and they decided there was no point in having both drivers and both cars today since they’d be going home together. She kept punching at the radio dials and it was like the universe was somehow determined to make this trip to meet up with her husband hell. She got tired of looking for good music and slipped in an Asa CD. As the music filled the car, her mind drifted to her loving husband who was tired of the overly hectic schedule they both had.

“When was the last time we went out together, just us. No obligation to friends or family, just us having a good time”.

“No time nah! When do we want to do that? “She had replied as she kissed him that morning and told him they would plan something soon.”Not this weekend though! We have prayer breakfast on Saturday morning and you know Iyke and Bimpe’s baby’s christening is in the afternoon. I don’t want to become enemy of the state if we don’t go abeg”.

“Na wa oh! So we’ve become those people who just live under the same roof and don’t spend time together. I didn’t sign up for this oh” He was laughing when he said it but the way he avoided her eyes told her he wasn’t happy. She wasn’t happy either but they led busy lives. She walked back to where he was standing by the wardrobe and held him from behind “Darling, we can do brunch at Southern Sun after church on Sunday ok?” she pressed her cheek into the back of his crisp ironed shirt. He smelt so good. She knew she had to leave now or she’d be late for work.