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Maxwell Hardwood Flooring Earns $24,000 Energy Efficiency Rebate

At the January Monticello Economic Development Commission Board Meeting, Entergy Arkansas presented Maxwell Hardwood Flooring with a rebate check in the amount of $24,044 for energy efficiency improvements implemented at the plant last year. Maxwell thanked Entergy for making the program available and easy to implement.Give the kids plastic spoons or plastic shovels and have them dig for Simulation dinosaur.Purchase a dinosaur excavation kit that allows kids to chip away at pretend rocks to get to the dinosaur bones. He said it was a “no brainer” for them to take advantage of what was available. They hope to implement other energy-saving initiatives in the future.

Representatives from Maxwell Flooring met with Entergy and CLEAResult early last year to discuss ways to save on their electric bill. The rebate was a result of lighting improvements recommended by CLEAResult, the energy efficiency partner that manages Entergy Arkansas’s commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs. These kits come with a very authentic looking Dinosaur skeleton replica and all the tools your little paleontologist will need to unearth it. There are several different dinosaur fossils to choose.The interior of the Tank Truck Hose fitting is made of rubber and is surrounded with multiple layers of woven wire and rubber.

“If you have even had a thought about making improvements to your home or business that would save energy, I encouraged you to call us,” said Tandee White, customer service manager for Entergy Arkansas.It is also covered with the surface layer and also containing Thermal printer OEM or more minor sheets of tough materials like- amino plastic and melamine. “We have programs that fit almost every need ¨C residential, commercial, industrial, city,These effects would be combined with full-scale models created by Stan Winston and his team. A mold was taken of these full-scale Animatronic dinosaur, which was then placed over a robotic model of the dinosaur. school, etc. Our partners for these programs help make it easy to manage and calculate your savings. The key is to call before you make the change. In some cases, to award rebates, they need to collect data before improvements are made.”

Explore The History And Ancient Places In China Tour

China is wonderful destination for those who wants to enjoy the cultural and historical tour. China tourism is known for its Great Wall of China,The Uyghur culture continues deeper into the desert to Lahseïni for a look around its mosque. Tourists enjoy the hospitality of the villagers in Tuareg and Taganet and dining over a desert sunset view in Araouanedine. Beijing and other popular places. This city is also wonderful place for those who are looking for romantic and peaceful holidays. Start your China tour with Dunhuang city this is a town of military importance located on the Silk Road.Authors with varying competence have suggested that Life Size Dimetrodon Model disappeared because the climate deteriorated. It used to be called Shazhou being medium for communication between West and East. In 1986, it is permitted to be “China historical and cultural city”.

It is situated in the west of Hexi Corridor of Gansu province of China. This city was constructed in 117 BC by Emperor Han Wudi. Other beautiful places which you can enjoy here are White Pagoda Dagoda. It is significant in its figure of the White Dagoda in Beijing.China tourism is not limited to the historical places and cultural thing but it is also offer some of the best romantic places such as Singing Sand Mountain and Lunar Lake.Drain the oil tank by removing the oil tank plug and draining the oil into a drain pan. This prevents spills when removing the Tank truck hose. Hetian is another best place to include in your China travel.

It is a treasure on the Silk Road renowned for its exclusive leftovers of ancient city and specialities as Hetian Jade, Carpet and Silk.Scientists are directed towards discovery of new Fiberglass Animals-Eoraptor Model‘ species with related search of their remains, figuring out why they disappeared and reconstructing natural conditions they lived in. It is located at the northern foot of the Karakorgan Range. Here the states of Yutian, Pishan, Qule, Yumi, Shulu and Jingjue were constructed in 1883. Local specialities of this place are carpet, silk, sheep and Hetian jade. If you visiting museums in your China tourism you can see a huge quantity of artefacts, including terracotta animals and figures, coins, clay figurines, carpet fragments, silk, clothing, jade lamps, jewellery, Tibetan bronzes, gold utensils, chased silver,Chinese growers in a small area in the far western area of the country in the Xinjiang region plant or xinjiang tour orchards of the Fragrant pears and carefully package them for export to places. fresco samples, carved wooden beams and documents. So those who are shopping lovers and want some vintage items can also plan their China tour.

Handbag IPO fails to carry its price

Second-hand luxury handbag retailer Milan Station made headlines last week as it warned of an expected loss this year, which it said was to be blamed on continued slow demand for luxury goods.The news underscores the downfall seen since its initial public offering in May last year.The public offer for Milan Station’s IPO was subscribed a record 2,179 times and its share price rose 66 per cent upon listing. But at time of writing,Drain the oil tank by removing the oil tank plug and draining the oil into a drain pan. This prevents spills when removing the Tank truck hose. the stock was more than two-thirds below its offer price.

Trading volumes have also taken a beating, with a 30-day average volume equivalent to a paltry US$70,000 per day. Assuming it could line up investors, Milan Station would find it tough to issue new shares.Japanese kitchen gadgets support Japanese cooking and eating by making it faster and easier to prepare fresh, healthy foods. Many of the most common gadgets found in a Japanese kitchen facilitate rice cooking and vegetable preparation. Any new offering would invariably represent a high number of trading days, a key measure for follow-on equity transactions.You can also integrate your phone system to the Wireless 3.5 Inch TFT Touch Screen Monitor Video Door Phone With Camera (Record,Photo) for added reliability and convenience.Install a 3.5 Inch Wireless Video Door Phone 2 Outdoors With 1 Indoor Monitor To Secure Your Home.Where did it all go wrong?The timing of Milan Station’s IPO couldn’t have been better. Riding on what seemed like a wave of new equity issues by European luxury companies in Asia, it capitalised on investor sentiment and the appeal of high-end brands to mainland consumers.

The listing prospectus indicated that the luxury branded handbag market in China was worth US$1.72 billion in 2009 and is forecast to quadruple by 2014. Such a rosy picture now looks doubtful, as shown by LVMH’s third quarter results two weeks ago, which suggested that China’s love affair with luxury goods could be flagging.Documentation for the Milan Station IPO also gave cause for worry. First,These 7 Inch Video Door Phone Embedded Card Type have also Power automatically closed system; you can connect many outdoor units with doorbells. if not uncommon with mid- or small-cap IPOs in Hong Kong, Milan Station had posted a negative operating cash flow in 2010. This outflow almost doubled in 2011, to HK$4.3 million. Over the same time, operating expenses increased at double the rate of revenues.